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Matteo Mazzero

Dipl. MA, Master in Design, I.U.A.V.



E-mail: matteo@m87lab.com

Mobile CH:+41767464537





Industrial Design Director / Co-Founder M87LAB.





Specialized in Industrial Design / Transportation Design.

Italian designer with international history of working in design and architecture firms.

Since 2021 I'm the Director of Industrial Design and Co-Founder of M87LAB, the Architectural Design & Industrial Design Laboratory based between Zurich, Switzerland and Treviso, Italy.


Skilled in retail & fashion design, store design, facades design, interior design, interactive design and digital art. 

Strong in concept design, design thinking, R&D, 3D modeling, CGI Computer Generated Imagery and technical CAD drawings.

Interested in art, aviation, nautical, rails, motorcycles, automotive, aerospace, metaverse, web3, AI, and robotics industries.

Nominated Innovator of the Year winning IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® 2017/18.
Winner of international awards such as Red Dot Design, German Design, IF Design, World-Changing Ideas, Interior Design Best of the Year, and Platinum Winner of the Muse Design Awards in 2021





MA, Master in Design.

Laurea Magistrale in Design, Dottore magistrale (Dott. Mag.).

Specialized in: Design.

Main field: Design - LM-12.

Level of qualification: 2 cycles / EQF LEVEL 7.

Thesis field: Sustainable mobility / Aviation.

Thesis title: MENTE (Concept Design of an Electric Aircraft).

110/110, obtained on date 04/04/2012.

Tutors: Prof. Arturo Vittori and ENTR Giancarlo Zanardo.

Name of awarding institution: Università I.U.A.V. di Venezia.

State University. Italy.





2009-2012      I.U.A.V., Università IUAV di Venezia (IUAV University of Venice). Laurea Magistrale in Design. (MA, Master in Design).

2010-2011       U.d.K., Universität der Künste Berlin (Berlin University of the Arts) LLP Erasmus. Courses in Product Design Interaction.

2006-2009     I.U.A.V., Università IUAV di Venezia (IUAV University of Venice). Laurea in Disegno Industriale. (BA, Bachelor in Industrial Design).

2001-2006     Michele Fanoli, Liceo Artistico di Cittadella (Art High School of Cittadella, Padua), thesis title: The Art of Fly. (Maestro d'Arte).





2021-CURRENT   M87LAB. China / Italy / Switzerland. CO-FOUNDER as Industrial Design Director.

2020-2021   BYB Vision. Shanghai, China. (Working Permit Category A) FULL-TIME as Senior Designer.

2019-2020   Pure Agency. Shanghai, China. (Working Permit Category A) FULL-TIME as a Designer.

2018-2019   HLD Events. Shanghai, China. (Working Permit Category A) FULL-TIME as a Designer.

2017-2018   IoTech Swiss GmbH. Munich, Germany / Bern, Switzerland. COLLABORATION as UI / UX Designer.

2014-2016   Andreas Vogler Studio. Munich, Germany. FULL-TIME as Industrial Designer.

2013-2014   Architecture and Vision. Munich, Germany. FULL-TIME as Industrial Designer.

2012-2013   Jonathan Collection Foundation. Nervesa della Battaglia, Italy. VOLUNTARY as Designer Assistant.

2009-2010   Produzione Privata. Milan, Italy. COLLABORATION as Lead Industrial Designer.

2009-2009   Lucci Orlandini Design. Sedriano, Milan, Italy. INTERN as Product Industrial Designer.

2006-2006   Grafica Baseggio, Treviso province, Italy. TRAINEE as Graphic Designer.





Vehicles Design:

2016    Aeroliner 3000. Demonstrator Phase of 1:1 Mockup Design. Andreas Vogler Studio + DLR (Deutsches Zentrumfür Luft- und Raumfahrt) German Aerospace Center.

2015    Aeroliner 3000. Feasibility Study. Andreas Vogler Studio + DLR (Deutsches Zentrumfür Luft- und Raumfahrt) German Aerospace Center.

2014    Aeroliner 3000. Finalist Tomorrow's Train Design Today, UK. Andreas Vogler Studio + DLR (Deutsches Zentrumfür Luft- und Raumfahrt) German Aerospace Center.

2012    MENTE. Ultra-Light Electric Aircraft. 1:10 scale. Project Thesis. Matteo Mazzero + I.U.A.V.

2009    HELIOS. Electric boat competition. Concept. I.U.A.V.



Event / Exhibition Design:

2020    PUMA X Manchester City, launch and fun events (Shanghai). Pure.

2019    NORWAY-ASIA BUSINESS SUMMIT (W Hotel, Shanghai). Pure.

2019    LOS ANGELES “City of Angels Exhibition” (Shanghai). Pure.

2018    Stanford University Event (Beijing). HLD.

2018    Brembo Event (Shanghai). HLD.

2016    Aeroliner 3000 Exhibit. Full-scale mockup 1:1. InnoTrans 2016 (Berlin). Andreas Vogler Studio + DLR (Deutsches Zentrumfür Luft- und Raumfahrt) German Aerospace Center.

2016    Make Munich. Exhibit (Munich). Andreas Vogler Studio.

2015    From Munich To Space. Private Event. Swiss General Consulate (Munich). Andreas Vogler Studio.

2015    EyeInTheSky. Ars Technica (Unterhaching). Andreas Vogler Studio.

2014    Room With A View. Swiss General consulate Event (Munich). Andreas Vogler Studio.

2013    Warka Water. MAXXI MUSEUM (Rome). Architecture and Vision.

2013    Warka Water (Unterhaching). Architecture and Vision.

2012    Warka Water. Biennale of Venice (Venice). Architecture and Vision + I.U.A.V.



Fashion Store Retail Design:

2021    K11 Wuhan Music Window Design (Wuhan, China). BYB Vision.

2021    JNBY+, "Just Naturally Be Yourself". Store Restyle. VM Project (Hangzhou). BYB Vision.

2020    Lama Hourani, Jewelry Showroom Design (Shanghai). BYB Vision.

2020    SATELLITE, Store Design (Beijing). BYB Vision.



Booth Design:

2020    DREW HOUSE@YO’HOOD 2019 (Shanghai). Pure.

2020    NET-A-PORTER@Jingart (Beijing). Pure.

2019    DANIEL ARSHAM STUDIO + AAPortfolio + Disney, INNERSECT EXPO (Shanghai). Pure.

2019    NICE. Stand Design, Concept. Pure.

2019    Wyeth Nutrition Booth. Stand Design, Concept. M87LAB.

2018    KARMA Automotive Booth. Stand Design, Concept. HLD.



Interior Design

2014    "Swiss General Consulate", General Swiss Consulate in Munich. Andreas Vogler Studio.



Architectural Concept Design:

2023    MARS HABITAT CHALLENGE 2023 for VentureLab. Concept M87LAB.

2021    MARS FUTURE COLONY. Concept. M87LAB.

2020    HYPERLOOP Desert Campus. Architectural YAC Competition. M87LAB.

2020    Octa Towers-City Gate. Architectural Concept. M87LAB.

2020    Heineken EUROCUP 2020 Design (China). Event Design Concept. Pure.

2016    Verona Arena Roofing. Competition. Andreas Vogler Studio.

2014    La Coccinella. KITA Nursery. Architectural Competition. Concept. Architecture and Vision.

2015    Museum Gentleiten in Bavarian. Architectural Competition. Concept. Architecture and Vision.

2014    EXPO 2027. Event Competition. Concept. Architecture and Vision.

2010    La Grande Foglia. Covering Structure. Concept. Matteo Mazzero + Dario Martini. + I.U.A.V.



Urban installation Design:

2015    EyeInTheSky, Interactive Sculpture at ArsTechnica (Munich). Andreas Vogler Studio.

2014    Golden Falcon, Interactive Sculpture (Venice Airport). Concept. Architecture and Vision.

2013    Tappeto Volante, Installation (Treviso Airport). Concept. Architecture and Vision.

2013    Porta Cielo, Interactive Sculpture (Alghero Airport). Concept. Architecture and Vision.

2013    Vesuvio, Interactive Sculpture (Salerno). Concept. Architecture and Vision.

2013    Warka Water, 1 Version 1.5 (Rome). Architecture and Vision



Medical Design:

2013    ORF, Operating Room of the Future, UIC, Chicago, United States. Architecture and Vision.

2013    Robotic surgical station. US Patent No.: US 10, 368, 949 B2. Architecture and Vision.

2013    Patient holding hospital unit, patient transportation system and patient transportation and life support system. US Patent No.: US 10, 105, 272 B2. Architecture and Vision.

2013    Surgical suit. US Patent No.: US 10, 130, 127 B2. Architecture and Vision.

2013    Helmet for anesthesia. US Patent No.: US 10,799,727 B2. Architecture and Vision.



Packaging Design:

2009    PALM PACK. Matteo Mazzero + Michele De Lucchi, Produzione Privata.



Seat Design:

2008-2014    ST 12. LAMM. Orlandini Design.

2008-2013    5cento. OMP. Orlandini Design.

2008-2013   Banco 7200. OMP. Orlandini Design.

2008-2011    Palio. BIESSE. Orlandini Design.

2008-2010    Ray. HORM. Orlandini Design.

2008    HL3. LAMM. LucciOrlandini Design.

2008    Congress. LucciOrlandini Design.

2008    Garden. LucciOrlandini Design.

2008    Cariolá. Concept. Matteo Mazzero + Orlandini.



Interactive Product Design

2016    Les Fleurs Du Mal. Digital electronic sculptures. Andreas Vogler Studio.

2011    Breast Calyx. U.d.K. + Kahla GmbH.

2010    SPIRALIS - Air purifier. I.U.A.V.

2009    Mine Sweeper One (MS1). Mine detector for Libano. I.U.A.V.



UX / UI Design

2019    LOS ANGELES “City of Angels Exhibition” UX design and interaction (Shanghai). Pure.

2017-2018    COLIBRI. Plug&play AI system, App. Matteo Mazzero + IoTech Swiss GmbH.



Graphic Design

2015    Turkish Airlines. Graphic Concept. Andreas Vogler Studio.

2014    SWISS MAKER, Graphic for the Swiss Passport Machine of the General Swiss Consulate (Munich). Andreas Vogler Studio.

2006    IZSVe (Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie) Brand Identity. IZSVe.



Photography projects:

2015    VITRA Physix. Photography Competition (Munich). Andreas Vogler Studio.



NFT Art's Collections:

2023    Bulli - Cryptobus.FM. 4,096 NFTs Based on Cardano.

2022    M.P.L. Collection of 10,000 NFTs. Based on Polygon Network.

2021    Meta Bird Boy. Cartoon Character. NFTs project.



Film project:

2008    "Viaggio verso l' ignoto". Concept.



Support for other projects:

2021    SATELLITE Store (Beijing). BYB Vision.

2021    BYB X Lee So, SKP Summer Window (Beijing). BYB Vision.

2020    ERDOS Spring Summer Window (Shanghai). BYB Vision.


2020    CALVIN KLEIN “Get Between me and my Calvin's” event (Shanghai). Pure.

2019    HEINEKEN® & F1 FAN FESTIVAL (Shanghai). Pure.

2018    Exhibition Design Concept for the  MUSEUM OF THE FUTURE IN DUBAI. (Dubai). Matteo Mazzero + Automato Farm.

2010    CAPRONI Ca.3 Replica. 1:1 scale. Assistant at Jonathan Collection Foundation.





2022   The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Google Digital Workshop, The Open University.

2021    MUSE Design Awards. Platinum Winner. K11 Wuhan Music.

2018    IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® 2017/18, Gemalto’s Security Award. COLIBRI.

2018    IF Design Award. Aeroliner 3000.

2018    German Design Award. Aeroliner 3000.

2018    UK Rail Industry Award. Finalist. Aeroliner 3000.

2017    Red Dot Design Award, Design Concept. Aeroliner 3000.

2017    World-Changing Ideas Awards, Finalist. Aeroliner 3000.

2015    RIBA, Competition 4CS Train Challenge, 2nd Phase, Winner. Aeroliner 3000.

2014    RIBA, Competition 4CS Train Challenge, 1st Phase, Finalist. Aeroliner 3000.

2013    Interior Design Best of the YEAR AWARDS. Banco 7200.


2010    PLACCA D'ONORE CAPRONI (Plaque of honour). Replica CAPRONI Ca.3.

2010    Researcher in Sustainable Design. Atelier Rwanda Workshop, KIST University, Kigali.

2006    IZSVe (Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie) Brand Identity Competition. IZSVe Logo.





2017    "From Jets to Hight speed trains" a short introduction to Aeroliner3000. Location: Frog Studio Munich, Germany.

2012     Presentation of the Master Thesis: “MENTE The Electric Aircraft”. Location: I.U.A.V. University, Venice, Italy. 04.04.2012.

2012     Lecture of Istanbul city portrait. I.U.A.V. Location: School of DoctoratVee, nice, Italy. 29.02.2012.

2010     Portfolio projects presentation. Location: “Uni Industria Event”, Treviso, Italy. 22.07.2010.

2010     Portfolio projects presentation. Location: “Kist University”, Kigali, Africa. 16.07.2010.

2009     Portfolio projects presentation. Location: “Uni Industria Event”, Treviso, Italy. 16.06.2009.





2014    Arduino Day, Interaction exhibition, in collaboration with VittoriLab, projects DSA_MENTE, MS1 and Spiralis, Tempio di Adriano, Piazza di Pietra (Rome, Italy) 28-29.03.2014.

2013    Erasmus Effect, in collaboration with Architecture and Vision Studio, project WarkaWater, MAXXI Museum (Rome, Italy) 05.12.2013.

2013    InterAction Vlab projects exhibition, MENTE Concept Electric Aircraft, Spiralis, Mine Sweeper One, Italian Cultural Institute (Munich, Germany) 21.11.2012-18.01.2013.

2012    AIRET Air Excellence Technologies, AIRED air excellence. MENTE, a Concept Design of an Electric Aircraft, in collaboration with Architecture and Vision, Palacongressi (Rimini, Italy) 06.09-07.09, 2012.

2012    DMY in Berlin, with project Brustkelch, Airport of Tempelhof (Berlin, Germany) 06.06-10.06, 2012.

2012    Fuori Salone del Mobile, MENTE Concept Electric Aircraft (Milan, Italy).

2011    Stil(l)leben, inszenieren übersetzen gestalten. Grassi Museum (Leipzig, Germany) 28.10-31.10, 2011.

2011    Istanbul Design Week, in collaboration with RidID + Simona Morini. Mine Sweeper One (Istanbul, Turkey) 23.09-03.10, 2011.

2010    12° Biennale of Venice. Pavilion Rwanda, presentation of “La Grande Folla” and “Amababa” models, Magazzini Ligabue (Venice, Italy) 28.08-21.11, 2010.

2010    12° Biennale of Venice. Pavilion Rwanda, Exhibition MÖBIUS, a model for Arch. Francis Kéré, Palazzo Mangilli-Valmarana (Venice, Italy) 27.08-21.11, 2010.

2010    Techno town, Interactive Devices, 2° presentation of “Mine Sweeper One”. Villa Torlonia (Rome, Italy) 11.05-23.05, 2010.

2010    Fuori Salone del Mobile di Milano, “Mine Sweep One” (Milan, Italy).

2009    Interactive Devices, make life better and easier for everyone. Foundation Claudio Buziol, Palazzo Mangilli-Valmarana (Venice, Italy) 18.12.2009.






Cryptobus NFT Team. Concept Designer: Matteo Mazzero. Date: January 2023.

Link: https://cryptobus.fm/


"MUSE Design Awards", title: "K11 Wuhan Music Window Design". Date: 2021.

Link: https://design.museaward.com/winner-info.php?id=6852


"Redazione Il Nuovo Terraglio", title: “Vi racconto come è nato il progetto COLIBRI". Date: 22 March 2018.

Link: https://ilnuovoterraglio.it/vi-racconto-come-e-nato-il-progetto-colibri/


"Innovation World Cup", title: "COLIBRI". Date: September 2018.

Link: https://www.innovationworldcup.com/finalist/iotech-swiss/


"German Design Award 2018", title: "Aeroliner3000", Date: 5 February 2018.

Link: https://www.german-design-award.com/en/the-winners/gallery/detail/18285-aeroliner3000.html


"DAILY STAR", title: "The double-decker 300mph train coming to BRITAIN". Date: 26 July 2017.

Link: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/pics/pictures/gallery/double-decker-300mph-train-coming-18757748


"Modern Railways", title: "Aeroliner 3000 double-deck train for the British loading gauge". Date: 23 March 2017.

Link: https://www.modernrailways.com/article/aeroliner-3000-double-deck-train-british-loading-gauge


"Forbo", title: “Tomorrow’s Train Design Today". Date: 06.28.2016.

Link: https://transpressblog.com/2016/07/28/tomorrows-train-design-today-andreas-vogler-uses-tessera-fr-carpet-for-new-train-concept/


"Fast Company" title: "How To Futur-Prof A Train System".  Date: 11.04.2015.

Link: https://www.fastcompany.com/3053826/how-to-future-proof-a-train-system?itm_source=parsely-api/


"YouTube", video title:"Caproni CA 3 by Zanardo Giancarlo". Date: 17.04.2013.



“I.U.A.V. University of Venice + CNR + Vittori Lab", pp. 20-24, title: “MENTE Electric Aircraft”, pp. 30-34, title: “Spiralis”, pp. 40-44, title: “Mine Sweeper One”. Date: 2012.



“DMY International Design Festival Berlin 2012” pp. 183, title: “Universität der Künste, Stil(l)leben, inszenieren übersetzten gestalten in kooperation mit der Kahla / Thüringen porzellan GMBH”. Date: 2012.

Link: https://www.dezeen.com/2012/05/24/dmy-international-design-festival-berlin-2012/


"Coroflot", title: "MENTE, Concept Electric Aircraft", Date: 4 April 2012. 

Link: https://www.coroflot.com/MatteoMazzero/MENTE-Electric-Concept-Aircraft


"Universität der Künste, Stil(l)leben, Product Fashion Design", title: "STILL LIFE / SS 2011". Date: Summer 2011.

Link: https://design.udk-berlin.de/designprojekte/stillleben/


“Stil(l)leben, inszenieren übersetzen gestalten” pp. 80-85, title: “Breast Calyx, ein Schluck weiter”. Date: 2010.

Link: https://design.udk-berlin.de/2014/11/brustkelch-matteo-mazzero/


"ISSUU", title: "La grande foglia". Date: 10 April 2010.

Link: https://issuu.com/atelierwanda/docs/pavillon_5


"ISSUU", title: "Amababa". Date: 10 April 2010.

Link: https://issuu.com/atelierwanda/docs/pavillon_4


“Iuav workshop 05>07” pp. 254-255, title: “Leading - Break and information space”. Date: 4 April 2009.



"Coroflot", title: "Mine Sweeper One, MS1". Date: 1 April 2009. 

Link: https://www.coroflot.com/MatteoMazzero/MINE-SWEEPER-ONE-MS1


"Basic Design Interattivo", title: "Virtual Body of Matteo Mazzero". Date: 2007






Concept drawings and sketches.




Advanced CGI in MAXON Cinema 4D + Plugins. Advanced in: Rhinoceros 7 + (Grasshopper). 

Basic in: Blender. Alias. Catia. Solid Works. Archi CAD. Modo. KeyShot. Autodesk Fusion 360. Siemens NX.


Advanced in: Auto CAD. Adobe Suite (ps/ai/id/ae/xd). Keynote. Sketch.



Final Cut Pro. WebWave. Figma.


Basic in: HTML/CSS. JavaScript. Arduino. GAN. Python. Deep learning frameworks, PyTorch.



Aerial photography: DJI Mavic Pro + Hasselblad. Cannon EOS.



Windows. macOS.

Italian: native.

English: fluent. (C1 level).

German: basic. (B2 level).


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