Architectural Concept.

02 March 2020

OCTA TOWERS - CITY GATE 2020. The architectural concept of two multifunctional self-contained community towers flanking the entrance to the Bay. Octa O1 + Octa O2 are re-interpretation of "Non-Plus Ultra" having the inspiration from Greek mythological Two Pillars of Herakles. The curiosity of the Unknow is an invitation to Discoveries, in this case, the discovery of a new city approach. We need to question the concept of the future cities and communities, undertaking new directions for livable households in hostile habitats. Immersive spaces, modular and flexible architecture, adaptive for the current needs of its users, low spatial impact and nature preservation are our major focus. Current networking and cyberspaces allow us to live in different places and collaborate between communities without physical presence.

This trend to work "in-remote" keeps us in the surrounding we have chosen and not life pushed us into.



Design Team: M87LAB - Sylwia Pawlowska, Matteo Mazzero

Project Name: Octa Towers - City Gate
Year: 2020
Client: Private
Field: Architectural Concept
Environment: Philippines

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