M87LAB for Venturelab competition.

10 February 2023

The concept of the seed sprouting in the desert sums up our intent to represent the development of a Colony on Mars.

The Concept for MARS HABITAT CHALLENGE 2023 is explained in 3 questions:


What is our solution to the problem?

At M87LAB we want to enable the colonization of Mars through the development of an integrated and modular habitat design, on both the planet's surface and underground. A life support system inspired by nature, it is a cost-effective, eco-sustainable, and scalable space architecture design concept.


How does your business idea contribute to life on Mars?
We believe Space is a unique scientific laboratory that allows us to advance our science, technology, and consciousness for a new green economy. We believe Nature is the system to be inspired. Nature is like a huge planetary Life Support System and the ECLSS system mimics it. ECLSS, The Environmental Control and Life Support System is a system of regenerative life support hardware that provides clean air and water to the International Space Station (ISS). 

Starting from these assumptions, M87LAB Team has designed a Martian base inspired by the ISS but which mainly starts from its expansion below the level of the Martian ground to arrive at its possible development also on its surface.


Which opportunity do we address?

Thinking about Mars Colony we should keep in mind mostly what is available on its surface and what we need for living that can not be found there. During colonization, we suggested distances between components and symmetries, that allow further expansions in each direction, reasonable due to material savings for each phase of expansion. 3D printing thick shell constructions can protect shelters from high radiation at the beginning of colonization when all the resources are highly limited.

Self-inflating tents provide seamless structures easy to assemble and start the habitat under shields.




Design Team: M87LAB - Sylwia Pawlowska, Matteo Mazzero

Engineer Consultant: Daniele Sammartino

Project Name: Mars Future Colony for MARS HABITAT CHALLENGE 2023.

Year: 2023

Field: Space Competition.

Competition name: MARS HABITAT CHALLENGE 2023 by Venturelab.

Environment: Planet Mars

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