Bulli Cryptobus Genesis Collection.

17 March 2023

Bulli Cryptobus Genesis Collection is a collection of 1165 cNFTs crypto-vehicles.

All items have their own unique features and are made from hand-designed components.


M87LAB Team is enthusiastic to have collaborated on the development of the graphic design concept of the Bulli Cryptobus Genesis Collection.

Explore the Collection at the links below.



Concept Design Team: Sylwia Pawlowska and Matteo Mazzero.

Data generation and randomization: Marek Narozniak mareknarozniak.com

Collaboration: hodl10.io

Project name: Bulli Cryptobus Genesis Collection.

Year: 2022-2023.

Official launch on the web: 1st of January 2023.

Field: Web3, cNFTs, (crypto).

Environment: Blockchain, Cardano wallet.


Link to jpg.Store cNFTs Collection: https://www.jpg.store/collection/bullicryptobus?tab=items

Link to Cryptobus.FM wesite: https://cryptobus.fm/







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